Support Services | What we do.


Edoptics is comprised of lifelong educators, committed to being a partners to programs that are dedicated to future-focused change. We support programs with capacity building, research and evaluation, professional and organization development. Our wide-range of support is specifically designed to promote transparency, address the challenges of grant-funded programing, the optics of working with educational organizations.


Equity & Social Justice Foundations

How does your staff and program partners articulate principles of equity and social justice? Lets build these skillsets to establish student-centered institutions and programming focused on empowerment, academic achievement and economic mobility. 

integrated Planning & Perpetuity Modeling

A goal without a plan is merely a wish. How can we integrate and align goals, objectives and partner resources to achieve the greatest impact in our region? We believe this is by being intentional and pragmatic about how we intend to sustain our impact.  

organization Development, Professional Development, Training, & Presentations

We work through an integrated approach to developing stronger, healthier organizations with professional and leadership development focused on institutional effectiveness and sustainability efforts.  

Fiscal Agency/Scholarships

Serving as the legal agent for partners, we provide scholarships, oversight, disbursement, research, and evaluation. We partner and accept the responsibility to ensure the funds are properly spent to achieve the project’s goals while you focus on doing civic engagement.

Workforce Housing Development & Research

Supporting development and research on affordable workforce housing, we offer RFP support to identify opportunities and employ strategies that offset the disparity between salary, market rate, and the cost of living. We also have teams that can execute a ranges of services from community assessment - to- white papers -to- feasibility studies -to- ground breaking.


Team Building

Trust and relationships are vital to the success of initiatives, programs, and systemic-change, but finding time and space to develop a cohesive team can be challenging. Edoptics provides structure and facilitation to build meaningful relationships and shared vision.  

Research, Evaluation, & Collective Impact frameworks

How are you turning data into information that can be used to achieve your objectives? We develop frameworks while working with a variety of institutions, including state and local government to build capacity, provide research, data coaching, evaluation, and APR/FPR reporting support to keep your program on-track and in compliance.

Strategic Communication & Advocacy

Strengthening internal and external communications to increase programmatic effectiveness. We guide and support focused communication efforts designed to build coalitions of community partners focused on student success, sustainable communication and teach you on the tools to build capacity within your organization as you use them. 

Fiscal Sponsorship

We facilitate civic engagement projects with our 501(c)(3) status. Our fiscal sponsorship permits projects to accept funds restricted for the sponsored project on the project’s behalf until the project develops an actionable perpetuity plan thus becoming their own 501(c)(3).

Governmental Relations Support & Public Affairs Professional Development

We effectively and proactively manage your organizations ‘optics’ through strengthened governmental relations and the interactions for regional, state, national, and international audiences.

Promise Program Modeling

Brokering philanthropic support, community stakeholders, and families, we work with city and school districts stakeholders to create arrangements where everyone is working in concert to develop not just one generation of post-secondary-education-ready students, but a systemic community. 



The major obstacle initiatives and programs run into is not enough key resources: time and people. We know this because we lived it for decades. That's why we created Edoptics, as a non-profit response to your needs and because infrastructure support can be the key factor in the success of your project. 

We are not your typical consultancy, we are collaborative driven partners who, as a non-profit, can creatively design our work around your specific needs.