Edoptics collaborates with a wide-array of community partners to help educational institutions and their students thrive. We organize our efforts into four programmatic and initiative areas:

1) The Global Forum Workgroup and Leadership Development

There is no disputing that new media has fundamentally changed the landscape of information creation and dissemination. The Global Forum workgroup is a research team made up of partners from around the world that works from two questions and a dissemination strategy:

  1. How do we take the benefits of the various media models to create new ground between these models?

  2. How are we through parity and perpetuity advancing a sense of the internet and new media as spaces of open enquiry and information sharing that ensures people can fulfill their potential?

Dissemination Strategy: Across all of our collaborative projects, our chief goal is working with our partners to advance a sense of the internet and new media as spaces of open enquiry and information sharing.

Building upon our relationships, we explore how to represent cutting-edge scholarship in viewer-friendly formats that addresses salient issues in the form of educational/cultural programming for new media, social media, and television.

Outcomes of this work also include:

  • Organize and co-host annual forums across the world that set research agendas, produce policy guides, and impact industry expectations while promoting openness, international solidarity, and cultures of transparency.

  • Through annual conferences and mentorship, foster next-generation scholars who will produce collaborative projects in the fields of communication, new media, civic engagement, and governance.

  • Alongside research teams, produce best-practice documents about teaching in the age of internationalization, hence building pedagogies of peace and understanding between nations.

  • In collaboration with the National Communication Association (NCA), Edoptics, and partner universities in China and other future partners, build educational programs for students and faculty, creating pipelines of success for international peace builders.

  • Develop the next generations of scholars & practitioners.



2) Scholarship, Charitable Giving, & Resources Programming

  • Scholarship Grants: This funding program enables qualified students to participate in disciplinary activities that are suitable for them.

  • Equity, Research Curation & Dissemination: Edoptics research is framed to advance educational equity and innovation. We seek to inform student-centered initiatives, share lived experience, build collective understanding, and advance organizational evolution. 

  • Capacity Building / Technical Assistance Workshops: Edoptics works to shore our partners internal foundations while leveraging appropriate external resources to help reimagine the way in which we work and what comes next. We structure conversations to build from organizational strengths and organize methods to achieve the greatest impact in the least amount of time. 

  • Online Learning Modules & Trainings: A long-term priority for Edoptics is to grow an innovation fund that can support the design and delivery of accessible online learning modules covering emergent learning priorities for equity-minded educators. How can we best leverage partnerships, and shared experience to document and broadcast the relevant kernels that matter most in a compelling way? We have some ideas.  



3) Social Events and Parties

  • These co-sponsored events grant students, faculty, mentors, and partners opportunity to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and honor their collaborative work on special occasions.

  • Edoptics arranges this event twice annually (US and China) as a way to increase the camaraderie and relationship between the students, faculty, mentors, and partner businesses supporting them.This One Tree Somewhere



4) Fee for Service Consulting

  • This consulting program both generates revenue for Edoptics programming support and provides education institutions with capacity building, research, project management, organization development and professional development to integrate and align community resources for the betterment of public education.