Our Commitments to Education & Civic Engagement


Promote equity over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.

In the spirit of co-creation and collective ownership, we are here to facilitate dialog about the state of our schools and communities. Systems change is rooted in principles of inclusive and servant leadership focused on the establishment of continuous feedback loops designed to inform stakeholders and establish consensus. We will stand with all community partners to develop innovative spaces conducive for this foundational work.


Develop relationships through collaboration and shared experience.

To offer assistance to government, NGO, specifically K-12, community colleges, universities, and land-grant institutions to shift community perceptions about the role of educational institutions as community change agents. Through relationships focused on thoughtful action and community investment, we want to help institutions move away from short-term reactional and transactional activities.  

Provide a positive, unified support system by being good to everyone and yourself.

Purposeful community partnerships offer students and educators opportunities to produce fervent learners with vision stretching beyond the physical walls of the institution. We partner to build and support collaborative and participatory learning environments that produce healthy, community stewards with acuity to drive innovation and amend persistent challenges.