Building trusting partnerships, so that communities can grow.


What do we do?

We are an education non-profit that that brokers relationships and supports education institutions with capacity building, research, project management, organization development and professional development to integrate and align community resources for the betterment of public education. Grounded in three core commitments, Edoptics develops partnerships that forever transform the perception of education and communicate future-focused change. 


Whom do we serve?

We are partners in education, collaborating with communities to help education thrive. We believe that specialized education and community programs should provide in-demand skills and be funded in perpetuity to optimize growing talents. Building future-ready education involves servant leaders innovating the way we develop learning and knowledge, designing curricula, programs, and supporting initiatives that are fit for the 21st century.

Adapted from the WEF’s summary of Education and Skills


How does this benefit others? 

As we broker relationships and facilitate dialogues, we emphasize collaborative understandings of the problems our communities face. We focus on development and implementation of collective impact models. We seek partners who understand the necessity for consistent delivery of a basic education for everyone that builds a solid foundation for a lifetime of adapting and developing new abilities.

This also means exciting opportunities for non-traditional partnerships that are willing to specifically integrate education, communication modalities, social capital, and financial resources to strengthen existing community capital. This allows us to always start and end by asking:

How are we though parity and perpetuity ensuring that people can fulfill their potential? 


What is your vision and how can we help?

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